Bytes World is a venture by Team Of entrepreneurs to focus exclusively on the IT industry with its objective to empower the industry with powerful Information Technology tools.                


1) Bytes World, after its successful stint with Transcend (Taiwan)has now tied up with another giant in the storage devices world "MAXTOR" a leader in the magnetic media.Maxtor Corporation is one of the world's largest suppliers of hard disk drive storage products and solutions.

As the world becomes more digital, the need for storing all that digital data increases. Maxtor offers one of the most pervasive lines of reliable storage products to store the digital world. Maxtor products are found in homes, at work, and in large enterprise businesses. Maxtor is everywhere.

Bytes World proudly announces the representation of Maxtor products in the Indian Market.

2) After successfully distributing range of memory and flash products, bytes world diversifies into new and whole range of storage, notebook, server and networking accessories.

3) Bytes world evolves in the market as a distribution company dealing in specialised it products and peripherals rather than just being known as a memory vendor.

4) Bytes world launches kvm switches catering to the server and workstation market.

5) Bytes world launches 2.5'' transcend's usb2.0/firewire combo portable hard disk enclosure. These hard disk enclosures are available with various capacities of hard disk.portable hard disk drive also called as portable drives are the best choice for transferring large amount of data between computers.

6) Bytes world launches 1.8" usb 2.0 portable hard drive . Although roughly the size of a standard business card, it has more than enough capacity (20gb/40gb) for your data storage needs. No need to carry around another troublesome power brick either,it is powered directly from the usb port. This pocket drive is perfect for the person always on the go.

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